Pottery and Painting

Linda Cheok Art Studio

Margaret River

Painting and Collage inspired by the beautiful hydrangeas growing in wild profusion in Hakone.

Hakone Hydrangeas

About Linda Cheok

Linda Cheok creates art in a wide variety of media and painting styles as a nod to the rich diversity inherent in the history of art. Linda takes inspiration from the vibrant colours and patterns in the oeuvres of Matisse and Yayoi Kusama and enjoys fusing elements from both Western and Eastern cultures in her work which encompasses painting, mixed media, pottery, printmaking and installation. She also incorporates the quotidian crafts of knitting, crochet, beadwork, Chinese papercut and sewing in her oeuvre. Linda divides her time between Japan, Perth and Margaret River creating a transcultural art that is packed with patterns, motifs and symbols in upbeat high-key colours.  The motifs in her work often contain hidden meanings and goes beyond decoration. She obtained a first class honours for a Bachelor of Fine Artdegree in 2012 and was awarded a University Postgraduate Awards research scholarship for a Masters in Fine Arts  from the University of Western Australia that she completed in 2015. Her first degree in the Liberal Arts was from the National University of Singapore in 1984 where she read Political Science, Japanese Studies and Philosophy. Linda has worked as a civil servant and in banking, owned and operated a business in Singapore importing art materials, art prints and organizing painting seminars. She is currently tutoring Art History in the University of Western Australia and commutes weekly between Erravilla Estate in Yallingup and Perth.

POTTERY A small hydrangea plate, hand-built with speckled stoneware clay. The appliquéd flowers were painted in underglaze and the kawung pattern was tissue transferred onto the piece. A clear glaze was applied and glaze-fired at 1280 degrees C.

Neriage mugs

A Kyusu teapot with fine ceramic sieve inside

Mixed Media

Kangaroo Off to Summer Mountains

Japanese Chiyogami patterned washi paper was used as a backdrop  with mountains and a kangaroo featured on top. The kangaroo references life in the South West, Chinese landscape painting is a nod to my Chinese heritage and the Japanese papers, my yearly sojourn of three months in the mountain village of Nozawa Onsen.

Summer Mountains is the title of a painting executed in the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) in 1050 C.E. by Qu Ding. This was the period in time when landscape painting first became popular. I’ve painted my impression of this particular work.

The white paper with gold leaf and hydrangea petals was made in my studio from scrap paper & an egg carton plus flowers from Erravilla. 

In a sense, many of the artworks have incorporated materials or subjects connected to the 134 acre property; mulberry ink from our tree, clay paint made from soil, feathers, leaves and flowers.

Chinese Papercut featuring a quartet of platypuses and pansies
Lady with a Fan after Gustav Klimt

This commission, executed in oils is life-size and a joy to paint. Gustav Klimt’s colours and florals are vibrant and beautiful and the Chinoiserie theme with phoenixes adds exotic charm to the composition.